VIRGO Tablet

Technical FAQs

  1. I always connect my tablet to the charger even it is 100% fully charged, will this damage my tablet?
    No, it will not damage your tablet however it best to disconnect your tablet from the charger when it´s fully charged in order to prolong the battery life.

  2. What can I do if I have problem signing in to Play Store using my Gmail account?
    Delete your current Google Account and add your account again.
    1. Go to SETTINGS -> ACCOUNTS -> Select your Account -> REMOVE ACCOUNT
    2. Add account again.
    If you still have a problem, perform a “factory data reset” from Settings -> backup and reset

  3. I have a problem running the 3D Games and Apps downloaded from Play Store?
    Some 3D games are designed for specific screen resolutions and thus are not compatible on all tablets. Compatibility is the main reason why some apps will not be available for specific manufacturer's devices. But the majority of 3D games and apps available on Play Store are compatible with Virgo Tablets.

  4. I have an error message that says ‘Low disk space Error’, what should I do?
      1. You can move the installed apps to an Internal SD Card or Internal Memory
      a. Go to SETTINGS > APPS
      b. Select the apps you want to move.
      c. Tap the apps and select MOVE TO SD CARD.

  5. I have problem charging my Virgo tablet.
    This might be related to a defective charger.

  6. My Virgo tablet has Frozen, what should I do?
    Hold the power button for 15 seconds to turn it off. Then turn the tablet on. Perform a factory data reset from Settings -> backup and reset

  7. I´m having an issue with my G Sensor, how do I fix it?
    Check for gravity calibration in “Settings” - > “display”. If you still have problems,  perform a factory reset  from Settings -> backup and reset

  8. When I opened my Virgo tablet the front camera gives me an error and it won´t open.
    Perform a factory data reset from Settings -> backup and reset

  9. How can I do a FACTORY RESET on my Virgo Tablet?

  10. What should I do if I have problem connecting to Play Store or purchasing free apps ("Error processing purchase")?
    1. Go to SETTINGS->APPS->ALL
    2. Scroll down to find an app called GOOGLE PLAY STORE
    3. Select GOOGLE PLAY STORE, then Tap CLEAR DATA
    4. Tap the BACK Button, Select GOOGLE SERVICES FRAMEWORK, then Tap CLEAR DATA
    5. Finally, RESET your Tablet.
    If you still have a problem, download the latest Firmware from our Downloads Page. This will fix all the Google Play Store related errors.

  11. My Virgo tablet is charging but won´t turn On.
    If the battery is fully drained, your tablet won´t turn on immediately. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes before turning on the tablet.

  12. Can I install or download Windows 8 Interface or the apps on my Virgo tablet?
    No. Downloading Windows 8 Interface makes the speed of most tablets slower due to consuming large amount of resources from the system. Hence this feature is not supported by the tablet.

  13. When I use SKYPE, I cannot receive any calls with image/Video. What should I do to solve this problem?
    Download the latest version of SKYPE from Google Play Store.

  14. How can I change or add a Keyboard Language on my Virgo Tablet?
    3. Un-tick USE SYSTEM LANGUAGE and select the language you want to add
    4. If you want to change the Keyboard, PRESS and HOLD the SPACE BAR to select.