VIRGO Tablet


The Virgo® brand was established in 2012 by experienced IT industry professionals to fit into a particular segment within the tablet world. The Virgo® product range was designed in order to accommodate all end user necessities from a basic entry level tablet to a sophisticated IPS user tablet, and to accommodate mostly all price ranges. The Virgo® brand offers high quality products that can meet every day needs and demands.

Virgo® is has become a European established brand in 2012 and is continuing to grow even more so in 2013. The team behind Virgo has an international background dating back from 1989 with more than 25 years of experience in the IT market. Our team is always looking forward to tomorrow’s constantly changing technology needs.

Our mission

Virgo® was formed out of the desire to become the foremost provider in the European market of the latest and most innovative tablets. Our mission is to provide the end user with the best tablet that will suit their needs. Virgo® is constantly striving to break the barriers of technology demands and strives to provide the end user with the right specifications at the right time and at the right price.

By combining the extensive history of our past, the market conditions of the present and our well thought-out foresight of the future market conditions, we strive to provide the most superior products and service to our customers.

Our values

We believe that behind every successful brand and company there’s a strong set of values as its foundation. The key values behind Virgo are customer care, quality, growth, and reliability.

Customer care: We firmly believe that in order to have a successful brand you must provide the proper customer care. In order to build your brand and achieve brand loyalty from the consumer, you must also provide the consumer with excellent service. The team behind Virgo is constantly working to provide the best customer service achievable.

Quality: Another highly important value is offering high quality products to the end user. The Virgo team is constantly striving to provide tablets with the newest technology, high quality components, and innovative designs.

Growth: With the constant changes of today’s technology, it is important for us to grow alongside these changes and alongside the ever changing demands of consumers. Our team is always looking forward to tomorrow’s constantly changing technology needs.

Reliability: Reliability and ethical behavior are stepping stones of our brand. We make every effort to conduct our business in a professional and ethical manner. It is highly important to us to have the respect of our business associates as well as our consumers.